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Providence Heart Institute

Welcome to Basecamp

Providence Heart Institute reached out to our team in the midst of a major renovation and rebranding to strategize the best use of their new 4K video wall. Their challenge: inspire and empower recovering patients to get active and healthy again.

We developed a video content strategy that focused on themes of hope, connection and inspiration. Our video campaign featured diverse patient stories, meditative zen videos highlighting Pacific Northwest activities, heart-healthy recipe videos, and a powerful welcome video to their new facility: Basecamp. Patients are now greeted with a rejuvenating dose of inspiration as they wait for their next appointment. They are reminded that they’re not alone and that life has an abundance of opportunity ahead.

Patient Stories

Heartening narratives of resilience and recovery come to life as a diverse group of former patients and loved ones share their experiences with heart disease. These stories foster a sense of community and reassurance, reminding viewers they are not alone and instilling hope for the journey ahead.

Zen Experiences

Serene visual escapes showcase the tranquil beauty of the Pacific Northwest. Filmed in peaceful natural settings, the zen videos provide a calming retreat for patients, subtly encouraging outdoor physical activity and reminding viewers that fitness can be integrated into everyday life.

Fly Fishing

Heart-Healthy Recipes

Practical, easy-to-follow cooking guides introduce viewers to heart-healthy recipes. By making dietary changes approachable and enjoyable, the recipe videos empower patients to take control of their health and make positive lifestyle changes.


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