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In 2017, Providence Heart Institute opened Basecamp, a facility built around an innovative and holistic approach to cardiovascular care. The centerpiece for the building’s lobby was a large 4k video screen. Our team was given the challenge of using this space to inspire and empower recovering patients to get active and healthy again.

The Basecamp team wanted patients to Thrive, Not Survive, and the solution that we developed supports that mission.



Inspire patients and supporters

Provide a relaxing atmosphere 

Educate patients on getting healthy again

Launch Video

We produced a powerful new welcome video for the brand and the facility.

Patient Stories

Getting active again after a traumatic experience is more than knowing what to do, it’s believing that you can. Sharing stories of heart disease survivors inspires patients to thrive again.

Heart Healthy Recipes

We crafted a series of recipe videos to help support patients create easy, heart-healthy meals.



Patients are now greeted with a rejuvenating dose of inspiration as they wait for their next appointment. They are reminded that they’re not alone and that life has an abundance of opportunity ahead.

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Nina Byrd
Nina Byrd
Basecamp Patient


User Research

Content Strategy

Campaign Strategy

Brand Alignment

Brand Messaging

Visual Identity


Digital Signage Development

Digital Signage Design

Motion Graphics


Script Writing




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