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Knight Cancer Institute

Science on Display

The revolutionary Knight Cancer Research Building on Portland’s Southwest Waterfront was designed to create a culture of collaboration. It’s objective: end cancer as we know it.

The southwest corner of the building features a stunning 52-foot Planar video wall that covers two adjacent walls, viewable by the public both inside and out. Our challenge was to develop a strategy for maximizing the impact of the enormous video wall.

Knight Cancer Research Building video wall

We determined the best use of the video wall would be to increase awareness in the general public of KCRB’s mission to end cancer as we know it. We produced three core brand videos each supporting an aspect of KCRB: the mission, scientific research, and collaboration. Additionally we produced interstitial content and a system of content templates for future communications.


Content Strategy

Brand Alignment

Visual Identity


Digital Signage Development

Digital Signage Design

Motion Design


Film Production