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M.J. Murdock Charitable Trust

New Experience for a New Space

Summit Creative Award 2019 Winner

M.J. Murdock Charitable Trust has been supporting the Pacific Northwest nonprofit community for nearly half a century. In 2018 the trust migrated their offices to a new building on the Vancouver Waterfront, and their custom-designed space included installation of video touchscreens in their waiting area. The trust hired Serenity to develop content for these screens, as well as others in the building. And we had about two months to pull it off.

The client’s initial expectation was that the waiting area screens would feature slideshows of various grantee-related media, but the Serenity team recognized there was broader opportunity available to engage visitors in a more engaging manner, as well as tell the Trust story in a succinct, dynamic manner. We worked with the Trust team to develop a plan of action – the three screens would feature three groups of content:

The Grantee Showcase serves as an interactive exploration of grantee stories across the sectors and states that the Trust serves.

About the Trust tells the story of their organization through multiple avenues, including Our Story, Year in Review, How We Invest, and Our Team sections.

The Jack Murdock Story allows visitors to learn about the history and ideals of their founder.

Using the best tool for the project is an important goal for Serenity, and we evaluated interactive authoring systems before landing on Intuiface, a powerful, flexible, and elegantly designed interactive experience environment. Going this route enabled us to move forward quickly with our design, and ultimately saved the client money over other options.

The Trust team couldn’t have been happier with the end results, which now compliment their beautiful new space, and both educate and impress their visitors.

MUCT_screens full res

It is rare to have a partner hit a home run on their first “at bat.” They hit a walk-off grand slam in the proverbial bottom of the 9th in the final game of the world series for us.

Colby Reade
Colby Reade
Director of Communications, M.J. Murdock Charitable Trust


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